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LordVorcha 2013年7月24日 8時28分 
I want this game now I can not wait any longer I beg you
Katren 2013年7月12日 1時46分 
Loving this game, can not wait for full version :)
Jardaster 2013年7月8日 10時46分 
Also a stable for horses and in the tutorial we need to be able to have more knights because mine keeps dying at the end with no replacements.
Jardaster 2013年7月8日 10時36分 
On Sandbox will we be able to freeplace our building and also the team should devolp a barrcks to choose wich type of units you want also add a mage tower or guild so we wont have just one mage. Thanks
malachite_fm 2013年7月2日 3時49分 
Is Steam automatically downloading/installing patches to accounts that have purchased a copy of the game? I hope they are, because if not, I cannot see any link to a manual download. I bought this game a while ago & it doesn't seem to play any different to when I first started it up. Where can I check the current version number of the game I have?
Cross Cowboy 2013年7月1日 22時34分 
For those wonderig whether or not to buy it...why not? I mean if you think you like it and will get it when it releases, why not get it now and help them develop and give them feedback. I mean think about it. How many developers give players that much input into their games? Its awesome if like that kinda stuff, and I know I do. Plus, it helps the devs with cash for getting the game done, paying salaries and whatnot. Who knows, maybe you will even make it into the credits of the game as a thank you for buying early access!! Immortalized for all time!! Just my thoughts on it...and im buying right now!!
The_Saint 2013年7月1日 21時15分 
No you wont have to buy it again.
Piskan 2013年7月1日 13時44分 
Sorry, this might be a dumb question, but i have just bought the game (early access), and was wondering if i have to buy it again after it's full release? Sorry for noobing in the wild.
nelsen 2013年7月1日 9時53分 
I've only played with the patch, I did have militia and a knight fall through the floor in the old forge area from the top of the stair case. Also I could not delete a cow pen in the town. The cows were present, but the fence was missing. I could delete other buildings.
Sea Of Ham 2013年6月30日 23時41分 
i can't delete a building with the delete key since i don't have a delete key on my laptop. can you make it possible to delete a building with the backspace key as well/allow users to assign custom key bindings? i'm on a mac btw.