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stephensinclair2015 2014年1月21日 7時44分 
I don't understand the point in designing a level that you can't actually PLAY?! Why bother??
Arrowkill 2014年1月16日 19時32分 
@elcid - I agree with you elcid, I really enjoyed the humor presented in this game so far and would enjoy being able to play a game that requires me to think, yet being able to laugh and have fun along with it. The last RTS I played that was serious yet relaxed was Warcraft III and I hope this can do just as well if not better! (So far it has not disappointed)
elcid 2014年1月16日 11時11分 
SQUIRRELS!!! Thats amazing :D Can we place them by ourselves or do they appear just randomly?

I hope the funny style will remain! We don't need another game that takes itself too serious ;)
Narrators voice while introducing the player to the story of Folk Tale: "Ohh look, there's Bernhard!" - Intro
The octopus that gets overrun by the ship in the intro.
The siege weapon training reference (rabbit) in this blog.

I simply love your work and I can only agree to what AussieMark said!

Thanks and keep up the good work :)

Oh, and i'm keen on getting my hands on the Construction Kit!
Neowulff 2014年1月16日 8時09分 
Thanks for the reply. I was going to try to move the post to the discussions sections but it wouldnt let me, so I deleted them... As always, I look forward to what the game becomes.
GF  [開発者] 2014年1月16日 7時43分 
@Neowulf - We're going to expand the Encounters system organically. starting with a basic implementation and then increasing with complexity with each iteration. So I'll be in a better position to answer these questions once we have the first pass.
kireocmer 2014年1月16日 6時16分 
Thanks for this update!
I am glad to read that you decided to keep the story telling in it with the so called "encounters"
That's your stenghth of interesting us players.Than we wait a bit longer for the next release.
I must say you always keeps us wondering what's comming next and to keep us patient!
But a few days is definitely a few days,keep that in mind pls!!
thanks again
Owen Snowdon 2014年1月16日 6時15分 
look awsome keep it up
2k mmr 4eva 2014年1月16日 5時50分 
sounds good i was also a bit unsure about moving to the sandbox (because hey im greeedy and want both lol).

This is like the only alpha / early access game I;ve felt was a great investment. You guys do great keeping us informed and I can see progress happening over time.

For that I Thank you and look forward to playing and supporting
Glekke 2014年1月16日 4時14分 
I love reading these dev blogs, they're so pleasing to read.
ĐēâŤĦB¥şŇŰśŃű--Nut Flaps! 2014年1月16日 4時11分 
Oohhh, looks awesome =D