Folk Tale Dev Blog 23

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Platypus May 23 @ 7:35am 
I'm not impatient for most Greenlight games to release, but I am for this one.
Keep up the good work, guys!
Zavi May 22 @ 3:10am 
@Styxx42 i thought the same, not even released but already mentioning a dlc (but maybe i can hope on an elve dlc ;p)

but all-in-all real nice update ;)
Styxx42 May 21 @ 5:27pm 
Oh man, DLC mentioned already...
Luskemis May 20 @ 1:16am 
This is all looking really awsome, but that just makes waiting that much harder :D Not that I mind that much. Unlike some of the other early access stuff I've opted in on, this is actually turning out like I hoped on purchase. Keep it up and good luck