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We've just released a major update for Xenonauts, V21 Stable, which contains all of the changes made on our Experimental branch in the past three months.

This will break all existing save games. If you want to continue your existing V20 playthrough, please follow the instructions in this thread[].

As you might imagine, a very large number of changes have been made to the game. You can find them all in this thread[] on our forums, but a few key changes have been highlighted below:
  • Lots of bugfixes
  • New loading screen added to the game
  • Updated mission debrief screen added
  • Lots of new maps added for aliens bases / terror sites
  • Spangly new UFO interior graphics
  • Load / hidden movement waiting times improved
  • TU costs for moving and shooting lowered
  • Firing weapons now uses % of max TU, rather than static costs as before
  • Weapon types have been rebalanced to act more differently from one another
  • AI now improved, particularly regarding psionics
  • Aliens now have access to a plasma shotgun
  • Updated final mission
  • New Singularity Cannon end-game weapon added

We are now planning to spend the next ten weeks purely on fixing bugs, polishing and optimising the game and improving usability. If you want more details of that, then feel free to drop in on our official forums[]!
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