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Two things to discuss in this announcement - cloud saves and the Community Edition of Xenonauts.

We've now enabled cloud saves for Xenonauts. Steam should save your save games and you should now be able to access them if you want to play Xenonauts on a different machine. Hopefully that will make things more convenient for you guys!

The second thing is the Community Edition of Xenonauts. A lot of people already know about this, but not everyone does - it's an optional free upgrade to Xenonauts that has been created by coders from the community who were given access to the source code of the game, fixing bugs and adding various new features to the game. Whilst Xenonauts is no longer under active development, Xenonauts: Community Edition is still being worked on and will likely continue to improve.

You can access the Community Edition by right clicking on the game in your Steam library, and then going to Properties > Betas > community (in the dropdown). You can switch back to vanilla Xenonauts by selecting NONE in the same dropdown.

A word of warning, though - Community Edition is not an official product and as such Goldhawk can't help you with support issues if you've got either that or mods enabled (we can't debug other people's code).

There's also a mod active by default in X:CE that provides a bit more flavor research to the game, attempting to give additional information on some of the aliens and game mechanics. It is designed to blend in with the official research and most people seem to like it, but be aware the research artwork and text were not created by the developers and it is technically not canon.

That said, most fans consider X:CE the "ultimate" version of Xenonauts, as by now it has evolved to have more content, more features and less bugs than the base game. If you're not already aware of it, it might be worth checking out!
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