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  • Fixed leaderboard submit and read bugs
  • Added new resolutions requested by users. If you want a different resolution to be supported please post in the "Bugs/Feature Request" thread in the Steam Community, or tweet at me: @DyadGame
  • added executable paramters:
    • default (uses default config in case you mess something up)
    • screenwidth X (sets screenwidth to be X, *MUST* specify screenheight as well)
    • screenheight Y (sets screenheight to be Y *MUST* specify screenwidth as well)
    • fullscreen (forces fullscreen)
    • windowed (forced windowed)
    You can set these parameters by right clicking on the game in the Steam games list, under "general" tab, press "set launch options" and type in whatever you want... for example:
    screenwidth 3840 screenheight 2160 windowed
  • added icon to the executable so you can create a shortcut somewhere and it will look pretty
  • removed the config from the Steam Cloud.

I also added a new (old) trailer that shows off a bit more of the gameplay.

If there's any other bugs or feature requests please post them in the Steam Community thread "Bugs/Feature Request" or tweet them to me: @DyadGame.

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