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Perpetuum is a persistent, sandbox, single server, massively multiplayer sci-fi rpg (MMORPG). Control huge robots and mechs to gain access to an alien planet's resources and knowledge, amass huge wealth, or even claim part of the world for yourself using terraforming and complex infrastructure.

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The final wave of Syndicate robots has arrived!
Our newly released patch 3.8.3 includes the last 4 members of the new Syndicate faction, and also brings numerous balancing changes.

Class: Light robot specialized in electronic warfare

"The Helix is a good all-rounder when it comes to electronic warfare. While it may not be the toughest bot around, combining a light chassis with an assault-class undercarriage makes it probably the fastest."

Class: Mech specialized in electronic warfare

"Employing our own technologies and incorporating all the knowledge that we have gained from the Nian factions, the Callisto is an elusive and flexible mech for tackling and shutting down enemy units."

Class: Heavy mech specialized in firearms

"Alluding on its appearance our engineers have nicknamed it "Doc". Aptly so, as the Legatus can administer a swarm of good old glowing hot bullets at a relatively long range for those in need. And that without writing out a prescription."

Class: Heavy mech specialized in combat support

"Exceptional energy output and defense capabilities - two traits that turn this heavy mech into an indispensable powerhouse on the battlefield. The Metis is the holy grail of remote support, which usually makes it a primary target in the eyes of enemy commanders."

Balancing changes

The last patch introduced diminishing returns when using tuning modules in the form of exponentially increasing accumulator usage. The changes were a bit on the rough side, so in this patch we are refining this concept further and create some diversity between tuning module tiers.

The rest of the updates include NEXUS module specialization for heavy mechs, accumulator usage balancing of firearms, and an increase to the hit dispersion of medium weaponry, which increases survivability of light robots against larger robots.

The above changes are detailed in our latest dev blog[].

The full patch notes are available here[].
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