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These patch notes are intended to highlight the most significant changes but doesn't cover every modification to the game as part of this update.

Key New Features
  • End of Game Reward Page
  • More FORGE Badges
  • July Exclusive Surtalmor Boots
  • Fixed more stability issues

  • Player Badge Avatars now display in-game and on leaderboards.
  • A new tab on the end of game stats page was added for rewards
  • Rewards tab will gain focus when a reward is added
  • Rewards include XP, ORE, Armor, Badges, and Monthly Exclusives
  • Monthly Exclusive rewards tell how many more games to play to unlock next reward
  • Badge Series tell what's needed to unlock next badge level.


The following badges were added:
  • Damage Badge Series (50k/250k/500k/1M/5M)

  • Kills Badge Series (10/100/300/1k/5k)

  • Healing Badge Series (10k/50k/250k/500k/1M)

Surtalmor Boot Exclusive
  • The July Exclusive armor set is the Surtalmor Boot. This set can only be unlocked in the month of July.
  • The Surtalmor Boot will be given to the following classes just for playing FORGE:
  • Warden- play 1 game
  • Pathfinder- play 10 games
  • Assassin- play 20 games
  • Pyromancer- play 40 games
  • Shaman- play 5 consecutive days in a row
  • The Ravager and Tinker will be available for $0.99 USD each in the FORGE store.
  • If you collect all 5 Gauntlets from playing in July you will receive the Surtalmor Boot badge:

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