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Dear community,

First, let us thank you for all support and faith you devote to the game and to us. Sea Dogs is a game on an ancient engine and it's alive and kicking on Steam because of you. Thank you!

Lately we have been working hard on numerous expansions and improvements. One of them is almost here and it is a fresh new DLC called "Flying the Jolly Roger". And it's big.

What to expect:
  • Large quest line under a patronage of an infamous pirate baron;
  • New ship;
  • New weapon;
  • New locations;
  • New characters;
  • Your very own pirate lair.
This DLC is designed for skilled characters who have already finished The Dutch Gambit but haven't yet started The Pirate Saga.

DX9 is still under development, this engine is hard to manage, you can trust us there! :D
Good news for those who consider the game's tutorial too prolonged and unclear - we are working on a Quick Start option!

Expect more news, patches, announcements, also bug and localization fixes! We are just getting started.

Good luck in the sea and stay tuned!

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