DLC "MAGNA CARTA" released tonight ... and server maintenance.

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Enigmatic 11. joulu, 2013 13.08 
Creative assemebly could lol.
Alucard405 10. joulu, 2013 11.40 
love eugene sytems! lota other companies could takes some pointers, free dlc while red dragon is being developed!
Dost Thou Even Joust? 10. joulu, 2013 10.00 
@Eigel I have had a problem keeping much supplied other than AA when using supply copters. They are quick and hold a lot of supply. What I had a problem with is how long artillery can keep firing now because of the FOB buff.
Ultimaratio 10. joulu, 2013 9.50 
Company of glorious design!
조루와민둥이 10. joulu, 2013 7.50 
give me 15 points T-55!!
Eigel 10. joulu, 2013 7.21 
I sincerely hope that the issue with to little support units to keep a full deck running is looked over, it is the only thing with this game that sincerely pulls down the funness in it. At least boost the support units to carry double its current support points. As I am an all out war guy, I want that support keep my units moving a bit more, as of now, many units get stuck in the middle of no-mans-land regardless of captured support zones. That pulls this game down. Please look it over, and this game will florish and make more buy it for sure.
Pvt. Watson [29ID] 10. joulu, 2013 6.44 
Thanks Wargame, sounds like a good update. German's are still a bit underpowered