New version (v1600)

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Nero Jan 29 @ 1:20pm 
I am getting more crashes as well. i was crash free for months and now in this 1 week with the new patch crashed 3 times already.
Mosaic Jan 26 @ 6:08pm 
After this patch I am only able to play in multiplayer games for a few seconds before steam crashes and my game closes. Please put out a bug fix.
Nero Jan 26 @ 2:45pm 
lol eugen oh my... since your patch which "fixes bugs that lead to crashes" oh wait you poor poor thing my deep consolence for: "barely reproducible" oh my it was very hard work... anyway since this patch we (me and my mates) have more crashes than before. The game now even crashes while closing. hopefully you don't copy paste these bugs into RD.

best wishes, you really need them.
Enigmatic Jan 23 @ 10:38pm 
Works now
Styxx42 Jan 22 @ 6:37pm 
Seems to me all this patch did was make it so I can't use the ALL maps patch. ARGGGG
Rudel Jan 22 @ 2:34pm 
Say only Check files and steam should work then!
Enigmatic Jan 22 @ 1:26pm 
Yeah, try to reset steam. Or Verify game Cache I'm stuck on old version as well.
georgetownerjm Jan 22 @ 10:03am 
same here
=7Cav=SPC.Holly.T Jan 22 @ 6:52am 
I can't even get steam to update my game, though some friends are running v1600 me and some other friends are still stuck on v1589. So now we can't play together.
meanderthal Jan 22 @ 2:43am 
Same issue here, installed update, now game refuses to launch.
Rebooted steam and game, now i can launch game but update has reverted to previous version and i can't join 10 x 10 servers. Can't help thinking some code monkey at Steam has fucked up somehow.