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TikPandora 2012년 12월 16일 오후 2시 55분 
I would like to join the steam beta.

AMD A6-3420M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics × 4
6 GB of RAM
500 GB HDD
Fedora 17
TikPandora 2012년 12월 16일 오후 2시 54분 
I would like to join the Steam beta.
pascalts 2012년 12월 12일 오전 7시 16분 
I'd like to join the beta. System:

AMD Phenom II x6
AMD Radeon™ HD 6770
Fedora 17 x64 (Steam already sucessfully installed!)
~MII~ Codex 2012년 12월 11일 오후 3시 18분 
Can I join the beta please. Heres my specs.

Intel i7 3770K @ 3.5GHz (Corsair H100 Liquid Cooler)
16 GB Corsair Vengeance @ 1600MHz
Linux Mint Cinnamon
[Linux].ubu Lupopa 2012년 12월 10일 오전 7시 14분 
Can you give me Linux Beta Access please.
Here my System:
Acer Aspire 7741g - Intel Core I5-430M processor - 2,26 GHz 3MB L2 Cache - ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 up to 2746 MB HyperMemory - 17,3" HD+ LED LCD - 8GB RAM

Linux Ubuntu 12.04 - 3.2.0-34-generic #53-Ubuntu SMP Thu Nov 15 10:48:16 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Thank you ;)

Lupopa (Micha)
[T.O.D.-CL]slaveofnotch 2012년 12월 10일 오전 7시 03분 
Can you give me access to Steam for linux? I use Novell´s OpenSUSE 12.2 Mantis (64bit) on KDE.
I have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 560ti and a 4,2Ghz Intel processor. Steam is working fine, even on Linux, but I don´t want use 10min everytime, to bypass the Beta-lock.
Sorry for my bad english!!!
michelepratiffi 2012년 12월 9일 오후 1시 54분 
Can i have Steam for linux acces? I use Sabayon linux distro (kernel 3.6-r3)
I have a Nvidia GeForce GT 330 M
generatorfive 2012년 12월 7일 오전 2시 16분 
Hello! Can you give me access to Steam for linux? I'm use debian squeeze 6.0.6 (3.2 kernel backported, non free Radeon HD 6300M driver).
hvarussa 2012년 12월 4일 오후 2시 13분 
Steam was working fine, Serious Sam was running OK, even big picture was working, but I reinstaled ubuntu, and now steam works but Serious Sam and Big picture don't. When I open Big Picture it give me a black screen and crash and Serious Sam open a little black window and then close and nothing else happens.
I have a samsung chronos 7, I am using the AMD 12.6 driver (it's the only one that works with the switchable graphics) and it's the same driver I was using when all worked.
Sorry if I made any mistake, my english is not the best
Your Dead! 2012년 12월 2일 오후 5시 02분 
How do I sign up for this? I am using Kubuntu 12.04?