Steam for Linux limited beta has arrived!

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FlamingPumpkin 2012年11月26日 6時28分 
invite please! hp dv6-6117dx laptop
Fusspilz 2012年11月20日 5時25分 
@Left-O-Matic™ Thanks for the link, the install worked...
Zueuk 2012年11月19日 1時50分 
Steam for Linux - it is good! I want invite too! :)
emilper 2012年11月17日 11時19分 
I did not get the beta invite, but when running Steam under Wine Fallen Earth and L4D2 work fine (L4D2 has some sound problem, and FE crashes with running at high quality and minor problems with textures in dark places) ... I'll give New Vegas a spin now ...
Samae 2012年11月17日 5時45分 
Still no invite… Come on I'm almost a Linux vet'! I'm so eager to try it out!
Thorion 2012年11月14日 12時18分 
How does one sign up or testing?
mower 2012年11月13日 13時27分 
And now, I would like to test this awesome steam for linux version.
Bobby Wya 2012年11月13日 4時48分 
Looking good so far! Beats using Wine by a long shot...
I poked about in the .deb file and it looks a bit "unclean"!! Especially if the executable in /usr/bin/ simply bootstraps the steam executable in your user home folder. I hope the installer will be sorted out for the release version of the Steam Client. I trust I'll be able to use it on Gentoo as well :-)
Keep up the good work!!
White Fang 2012年11月13日 2時58分 
Is this invite only right now?