Limited Beta Expansion

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add me i am using ubuntu 11.10 x64
rozhnov.o.m 22 dec 2012 om 5:32vm 
Add me. Running Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit
Matze 21 dec 2012 om 12:43nm 
In fact the Linux client works better than on Windows 7 as I can watch the videos without Steam telling me to downgrade Adobe Flash. HTML5 video tags would be even better by the way.
Jemuzu 20 dec 2012 om 5:16nm 
I want in too! I use linux Mint 13 Maya
Егора 19 dec 2012 om 2:24nm 
I want in!! i use debian wheezy
SnowShadow 19 dec 2012 om 1:51nm 
Add me. Running Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit
mohammedsk 19 dec 2012 om 1:18nm 
Please, me too. I am running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64bit.
Athrune 19 dec 2012 om 10:01vm 
i want in using ubunrtu 64-bit 12.04LTS !
nmeZer0 18 dec 2012 om 1:33nm 
ich finde es toll, das sich valve überhaupt daran versucht^^
weiter so
BIT 18 dec 2012 om 9:11vm 
I want in!! i use ubuntu 12.10!