Special Age of Empires Developer Live Stream

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GOOD 23 mar, ore 5:30 
Winry_0703 2 mar, ore 20:08 
Age of Mythology MUST BE here!
SiRIX84 2 mar, ore 2:37 
Lycarous 1 mar, ore 12:43 
Agreed, that would be amazing.
Lumberjack 1 mar, ore 10:26 
ya we need to get Age of Mythology on here
Raidin Party NS. 28 feb, ore 20:59 
Awsome, I like how the Forgotten came out. keep it up. :)
Noah 28 feb, ore 15:30 
So when are we going to get age of mythology? Everyone in the world is waiting!
Lycarous 28 feb, ore 13:14 
Morbus, You can watch the Stream here http://www.twitch.tv/ageofempires/c/3803109 :D
Morbus 28 feb, ore 12:52 
Too bad, I am too late! mhm...