Patch 3.6: New campaign, new AIs, and more!

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Elliot P. Spoonboner 44 minutes ago 
Sooooooooooo.... Any plans to unfuck the game? I still can't play reliably.
史提芬 Jul 25 @ 4:55pm 
lbblize Jul 18 @ 6:29pm 
Single player starts off fine, but as things advance it gradually slows down. Now in the final age and everything crawls at a snail's pace. What happened?!?! Impossible to play. I don't mean too frustrating to bother with because I'm impatient; I mean nothing works. I can't select anybody; I can't move around the map; I can't even open the menu to quit the dang thing.
RyanLeach12 Jul 18 @ 1:00pm 
what did you guys do that made the game suck so much! Seriously!?!? Fix it please, multiplayer is nearly impossible to use and play anymore!
nobbi576 Jul 14 @ 2:51am 
Habe das gleiche problem wie Gulashhhh.wer kann helfen?danke!
whitneyadeliabell Jul 13 @ 5:24pm 
upon downloading The Forgotten DLC and trying to load a saved game I was unsuccessful. I created a new game in The Forgotten mode played for 30 minutes or so and saved my game to only try to load it up three hours later and for the game screen to be lagging so hard. The patch did not work for me or either the patch did not automatically update to my game. I downloaded The Forgotten DLC two days ago... any help or advice would be appreciated! (:
SoSo Jul 11 @ 7:21am 
the game still doesn't work!!!
Khadras Jul 10 @ 7:19pm 
I can only say this after a lot of multiplayer problems. Port forwarding maybe, but I recommend some kind of LAN service, seems to help. I use Hamachi myself.
Cizjut Jul 10 @ 4:57pm 
I love this game so much, I miss actually playing it online, because the online is neigh impossible to make it work correctly, now i dare you to organize your friends and make it work for them too.
Poduchen Jul 10 @ 12:12pm