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Treebause 52 minutes ago 
I REALLY want to like this game, but until they fix up the HORRIBLE melee combat I just can't bring myself to play it. The zombies hitboxes are all messed up, they hit you even when you can CLEARLY tell you were out of their reach, they appear to not get staggered a lot of the time after you strike them and their animations are choppy as hell making them soo much more annoying to deal with then they should be.

Take Dead Island as an example, the animations and melee combat are perfect and I think for that aspect of gameplay, it's what DayZ should strive for.
Stefan-NL 1 hour ago 
First review: Bought it as it looked promising.

Result: most buggyass game, absolute minimum proper patching. Too much talking about fucking fixing this fixing that. ADD CARS, FIX GLITCHES. THEN TALK ABOUT THAT SHIT!

"Bought this on release, have played it about 5 tims ever since. Shit game honestly" - Bohemia interactive's fine work like arma 3, this time with an external developer even "helping" hahaha

Come on..
BountyGriefer 3 hours ago 
lol i cloned my self by accedent then i killed the clon and it duped my stuff
Tofemaster 3 hours ago 
scream your sorely mistaken. in real fact, it does NOT take this long to produce a game of this caliber.
nice[LL] 5 hours ago 
I don't get it.. Why is there no Vehicles? How come Breaking Point is so much more advancecd with no budget and this is putting along like a cripple step child. Seriously? Save your $$$ Buy ARMA 3 -- Get Breaking Point. If you do it even a year from now, You will still be driving in BP and negative nope not in DayZ. Wish I never spent the 30$ on this and bought another copy of Arma 3 for my friend. This is SHITWORK GAME with SHIT DEVELEOPERS. This is my first review. Thanks.
Even knowing this game is buggy it shouldnt be tking them this long to make simple items into the game I mean the company that made arma 2 literally gave the dayz team the chernarus map and probably the animations it looks the same. This is an overall BAD game. Buy 7 days to die The Forest or tThe Dead linger all great games but DayZ doesnt cut its just a mass pvp showdown
Scream13loodyG0re 18 hours ago 
I don't see why everyone is complaining so much. Like what -(V)- Kickaflea said, games like these take YEARS to create. Honestly, I love it. Granted, there isnt much focus on the zombie part yet, but that'll come in time. Right now, it's all about the players, the adrenaline that starts pumpin' whenever you see someone else and decide whether they're a bandit or a friendly, even as they take a potshot or two at ya, or drop a can of beans at your feet. This game is alpha, yet is has much potential in two ways. 1-In the future this will be a kickass game, no doubt about it. 2-Even now, just a quick hour long match can make for some hilarious stories, like how I personally crawled for a half hour through town with broken legs until finally falling to my death. And the very next match I learned to make a splint. FML.
Crystal Swag Castle 20 hours ago 
anyone who defends this aborted 3rd world face fuck is fucking retarded. atleast rust is getting a makeover and is getting updated EVERYDAY. Other games are communiating to their ppl. The Dead Linger is one such game that is also in pre-alpha. Their devs give a shit and have tons of videos and tweets that cover thier dev. This game doesnt deserve to be called a game and i want my $30 back
mehseemslegit 23 hours ago 
re:The Fat One from the Goonies

I looked through most of the comments last night and i did a little reasearching and it does seem like its taking a long time to get anyware, I mean look at The Forest thats a great game already ad its still early Alpha it also took 4 guys to make that game so far and then you compare it to the 20 guys working on Day Z and you kinda sigh, and as a previous player of the Arma II mod it is quite bland. So im kinda on the fence at the moment but I would advise anyone who doesn't think they got their moneys worth to check out the Day Z mod and the Epoch mod for the Day Z mod
@mehseeeemslegit The problem with this game is the general lack there of anything playable anymore. What sets DayZ apart from a crude Arma or Battlefield in it's current incarnation? Nothing. Except some few bugged zombies and basic survival elements.

I'm not knocking the developer's personally but they've had long enough to create something playable or to at least demonstrate some of the core mechanics instead of just adding various different colours of body warmer. I was exactly like yourself, I backed the game in it's very first instance, the concept was fantastic and the developer's seemed passionate however for whatever reason progress on this product is incredible slow and teidious when you compare it to other free mod's, etc...

I just want to see some of the principles of what we've all paid £19.99 for, I want to see what the mod had to offer, I want to see all the features than Dean Hall (over)promised not another failed zombie alpha.