DayZ Devblog #26

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F_T*M@kc 25 Cze - 11:38 
Peitsche 21 Cze - 9:01 
The Professor 21 Cze - 0:43 
Nice update, I hope you will soon solve the "zombie through walls" issue and also if you could put some vehicles soon :)
witonskynk 29 Maj - 21:02 
Please fix the amount of height you have to jump to get killed. I mean seriously, who dies from jumping off stairs?
Really have to make changes for fall damage, im getting sick of getting killed from falling from highs that I could jump in my early teens, AND I SURVIVED JUST FINE!!!!!. Seriously who DIES from jumping 1 story or 1 flight of stairs.
GhostNightmare 26 Maj - 7:03 
where do i update the game
Caaaaaaaaaarrllllll 18 Maj - 19:19 
SE7EN 18 Maj - 11:23 
How do you fix fps in citys because everything works fine otherwise :) great game btw , i had it since the realse
6thunderday 15 Maj - 16:16 
Make sure to add vehicles!(helicopters, airplanes, bikes, cars, etc...) :)
Dardan Uchiha 15 Maj - 5:34 
Guys please help me
I got the game from a friend of mine in a gift
and i only played one day. the next I couldn´t play it and i dont know why?