CRYENGINE 3.6.3 Build 2674 Released

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driguest Jun 21 @ 4:43am 
may be because you absolutely need a DX 11 card
unionwave Jun 15 @ 3:02am 
I got a error "Couldn't allocate specular probe texture atlas" when run EDITOR or GameSDK,but 3.5.8 is fine. my desktop Card is 9800GTX+, why ?
~Moonraker~ Jun 13 @ 5:01pm 
Naa....we need more dlc's ! Those kinds of cookies I like ;)
Eraile Jun 13 @ 1:34pm 
Hey @Crytek! Please support the Oculus Rift with a cool plugin (flowgraph for example).
I really need that!