Steam Workshop is Live!

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Ubiquity 7 март в 7:17след. 
So have the contests ended now?
88Lyttekk88 5 март в 9:19сут. 
Thanks Archeia I just can't bring myself to click on a unknown link without confermation.
Archeia 3 март в 11:15след. 
@Bean Burrito We only support 640x480 max resolution as for the moment. We had been discussing about HD RM. But ultimately that really depends on Enterbrain and such.
Archeia 3 март в 11:15след. 
@lyttekk, it's posted in our official forums and website. If there's a virus we'd know about it.
88Lyttekk88 3 март в 11:02сут. 
Bean I believe that there is an full screen option in the menu's at the top.
Bean Burrito 3 март в 6:34сут. 
I'm wondering if they updated the output to allow for a resolution that's on par with today's monitors? I bought this game, got into creating a game and then soon found out that I was only able to create it on this tiny screen.
Shallow Revelations 2 март в 11:00сут. 
So when's it coming to unix?
88Lyttekk88 1 март в 8:41след. 
mrh5474: when it comes to steam sales they tend to be final(That is I have never heard of an exsepctoin to the end). though there is one shoe t for below full prive... trading: if you can find somone disatisfied with RPG maker XV(hard I know) you may be able to trade one of your exsisting games for it. Or pay in steam cash.
88Lyttekk88 1 март в 8:35след. 
I have one last question for you DecKiller: Is there anyway to verify that you are a owner of this title? the reason is that I am VERY virus warry and I would trust a owner of "RPG maker" to not send me to a virus ridden site(the one for the tutorial that is). So far you check on the other posts. (you are posting as a owner not questioner as well as the annoucement changing bit). As it is I'll probabuly use that link anyway but just wanted to check.

If you have no clue what I'm talking about, look down 7-9 posts. thank you for your time.
mrh5474 28 февруари в 5:59след. 
I intended to purchase this title as I had several projects in mind, and was even looking for collaberators in making our own little trilogy. However, due to misplacing my bank card I missed the deadline. Is there now way Steam would allow me to purchase it for the sale price, seeing as the events were out of my control? Also, upon purchasing it, on the sale, were there not several other copies which Steam suggested you give to a freind so they could begin designing as well? As I cannot afford the full price, as I am currently out of work, I would be willing to buy for one of these extra copies for the intended sale price (in effect meaning your edition would not have cost you anything).

Such a shame if I cannot get this going as I had plans to for a collaberation with others, with the ultimate aim if producing our own series of games. Please get in touch if you can help, I would be extremely grateful.