KSP 0.23 Is Live!

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gaige_the_rage 4月9日 19時44分 
Is there going to be any help (for modders & players) to get any old mods to work in the newer version of KSP, or will the mod devs have to restart?
Flying Majestic Derpy Nyan Cat 4月9日 17時25分 
I want to make my kerbals look fancy. The should ad a thing to make your kerbals have top hats on and stuff like that. I will be messing around with that a lot.
FJMadRay 4月8日 0時30分 
Im about walking inside space stations aswell.
aosmith 4月3日 14時54分 
Has anybody else noticed a crash when deploying 2nd stage (blue -> yellow) of the mk16 in this version?
KaxaK 4月2日 19時11分 
"This update, as you all probably already know, was mainly focused in smoothing out the features we've added all through this year, patching up long-standing bugs, doing optimizations, and adding a few new features that were long awaited. "
it is a success, the game run very smoothly. Good job.
K-9_The_Robot_Dog 4月1日 22時19分 
The idea of Kerbal Space Program with Multiplayer is amazing, yet look on the down side, most people could be building things that are made to destroy other peoples inventions. But if the multiplayer was not public, and invited friends only, then that would be a great idea due to the fact that this game IS NOT Call Of Duty: Ghost's mission in space DLC.
manxwill 3月31日 13時13分 
There is a mod that lets you do that Presidentpotato
Dr. Death 3月30日 23時24分 
No, they shouldn't, brian.
brian.halley21 3月30日 17時57分 
they should let kerbals walk inside space capsuls and stations
PresidentPotato 3月29日 17時43分 
they shouldn't add mutiplayer yet but if tehy did eventually it would be cool