KSP: Asteroid Redirect Mission is Officially Released!

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Lexe 2014年7月22日上午2:11 
Update the demo
V♦V♦R cool guy (REV COMRADE) 2014年7月15日上午10:40 
My beard likes to PWN 2014年7月12日下午2:26 
adding asteroids in the game was a great idea however when i first got this game wich was november of last year the game wont go full screen on my laptop evan on the updates but this is a realy fun game
E. Tivrusky 2014年7月6日下午2:40 
i have this game in 0.23.5 but how can i transfer it to steam?
Chase2003 2014年7月4日上午11:37 
april fools, guys.
pbe284 2014年6月27日上午9:16 
How doi update?, Manually? and How? or is it automatic?
kolyanooo 2014年6月25日上午11:18 
сделайте русификацию норм pliz
Ace133 2014年6月22日上午9:51 
Yea I havn't been autoupdated.... can someone send me the files please?
charlieLEGO! 2014年6月1日下午5:29 
if i imaginary a larger astreroid like side of planet kerbin, i would take and bring to kerbin and destroy the planet
djdragonboy 2014年5月26日下午12:00 
Constantly crashes since the update. I've got Jeb stuck in a lander on Eve now because every time I load the game and try to lift off it crashes. I've tried a dozen times with no success. I tried reverting to the previous version, but the 23.5 one has modified my save file and 23.0 refuses to load it. I really hope I don't have to start all over.