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Kerbal Space Program

KSP Acquired by Take-Two Interactive

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Nairolf 1 hour ago 
i can't believe how aidanf48gaming literally saw the future
ClayCoffee Feb 24 @ 3:57am 
How sad 真伤心 KSP被收购了 以后的内容会不会变?
AidanF48Gaming Feb 19 @ 4:07am 
It's all gone downhill since lead dev Felipe Fangale (sorry that I butchered the spelling) left squad for another job because of money not being sufficient. I knew that when he said the devs were not getting paid eneough, they would have to sell out to someone else and if that company was a big time company (like Take Two), microtransactions and DLC would be an issue. At least Making History is reasonably priced and adds many things we want like mission builder. Now the thing that everyone needs to do is backup a file of 1.3 and then everyone will just make mods for that. After 1.3, Take two will ban mods like GTA.The only DLC anyone will buy is multiplayer. Thats it. So until then, no one will care what happens to this game because everyone knows what will happen already...:KSad::KSad:
WollieG Jan 15 @ 5:12pm 
@ Solid Pingu, well i am not going to fight with you except to say that your wrong. GREED is now rampant in the pc gaming industry and Take Two is know for it as well.

You will see the greed when they start with the micro transactions and DLC's.

The previous devs sold us all out by selling. They are smiling all the way to the bank and does not give a fuck about you or anyone here. They made their money.
Take Two invested and WILL want their money back, i give you one guess how.

I am so tired of people defending devs, thinking they are your friends and doing it for the love of it. They are here for money and as much as they can make.

All devs and companies, the difference is the level of GREED, but they all have it.
Solid Pingu Jan 15 @ 5:08pm 
Here are some thoughts:

Everyone is convinced that Take Two is plotting to ruin this game with microtransactions or "greed" (à la GTA V), but it is likely that Take Two will only care about the console edition, because they know that console gamers are the easiest source of revenue, and because there is such a passionate community for this game on PC.

Once this Enhanced Edition is done with, Squad will most likely focus on the PC version, and with Take Two only caring about the console version, it will be like nothing changed apart from Squad having the third largest gaming revenue source backing them.

Of course this is all just really irresponsible speculation but I want it to be true and until I'm proved wrong I'm just going to stay hopeful for the game and irritated at 98% of the comments here.

and I am not going to subscribe to this thread this time because I don't want to see the rage this post caused because then I'll just get angry and have a bad day
MagicMumbo Jan 12 @ 11:16pm 
Utter bullshit
:run:T I M E:run:T O:run:A B A N D O N:run:S H I P:run:
Nounours Dec 17, 2017 @ 8:36pm 
I think the original KSP will remain OK.

The community is too strong and they know they will trigger a true hell bullshit storm if they dare implement one of their greedy mechanics in the original KSP...

But! If one day they announce such a thing as "KSP 2" or "KSP Reborn" project with, let's say AAA graphics, stock game online multiplayer, etc... you can be pretty sure that they will implement greedy mechanics and DLCs with strictly limited mod support...

With this announcement, it's not KSP that is doomed but the future games on the KSP license.
Jesse Dec 11, 2017 @ 9:18am 
every body is a sell out now a days... make something good. get as much money as you can from it... sell it... let some one else make as much money they can by running it in the ground... just kind of wondering what they baught it for... their must be an interest somewhere yea? what ever the intrest, why do people always decide to sell the whole product... it never, and i do mean, never works out for the reputation of the said product.

ohh well i guess... i hope it was a decent pay check dev team.
Interrogator_Chaplain N!N ® Nov 29, 2017 @ 5:49pm 
As reported by Gamasutra, Zelnick outlines Take-Two's desire to enforce microtransactions—"recurrent consumer spending opportunities," as he refers to them—in every game going forward.