Half-Life 2 Updated

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BabyCola Jul 27 @ 7:13am 
bloody.albatross Jul 19 @ 6:31pm 
A 2GB update just for "Fixed radio buttons in the Difficulty options."?
JaceisdaBoss9270 Jul 19 @ 10:26am 
I personally love this game so much because it is a fps game with a huge campaign that has loads of action, it also has an interesting story.
Gendelf Jul 17 @ 12:58pm 
#3 confyrmd
dimkaban Jul 17 @ 9:41am 
回家打酱油 Jul 14 @ 6:17am 
we need half life 3 OK?
DonkyBoY Jul 11 @ 4:07pm 
Yay V.R mode is now in the options menu (Hurry up and get here Ocuclus Rift DK2)
Janoskify Jul 10 @ 12:57pm 
Half life 4?
this update fixed the radio buttons on the difficulty screen. there are three radio buttons there, each one pertaining to one of three difficulty options. half life 4 confirmed.