Half-Life 2 Updated

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nytmare 22 юни в 7:29след. 
Poor old Arranger. Not only is he a retard, he has to suffer through a fix for game-stopping bug that doesn't benefit him personally. Why doesn't Valve only cater to Arranger's needs instead of everyone else?
Defiler 2 юни в 11:59след. 
Amazing; thank you for giving your "back catalog" this treatment. I will celebrate the arrival of the Rift v2 dev kit by playing through the series in that mode.
'Starscre4M 30 май в 3:31след. 
All episode 2 mods are broken now
☆Myth[Alex] ツ 30 май в 12:20след. 
Please, give us a hint regarding HL3 !!!
El-Uzzâ 30 май в 10:26сут. 
Half-Life 3 Confirmed
Clan Wolf 30 май в 5:55сут. 
thanks Valve for the VR implentation updates, lets all just crack on! Ah support for linux and half life the mix of perfect systems, just beautiful
xenoid1 30 май в 5:48сут. 
On Mac still
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kaWHYYYYYYYY 30 май в 4:19сут. 
Arranger, I feel your pain, bro.
Yamato25 30 май в 3:21сут. 
Arranger 30 май в 2:55сут. 
To those complaining about the train bug, ARE YOU ALL RETARDED? Restarting from a previous save game (since it didn't happen all the times) it is too difficult for you? Bunch of retards, really. Plus I just got that bug only once in 10 years, never had a problem with this game but now the new retarded generation of gamers the best they can do it's to complain for everything. You still get patches for a 10 years old game (which very few companies do this) and you're still complaining. I don't have words.