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Hearken to the call! The time has come to leave the confines of Homestead, pass through the Darkvale gate and venture on through the unforgiving wilds of the Asterkarn Mountains. Within the desolate Fort Ikon, further mystery awaits and troubling events unfold...

Along with this stretch of new content, ending in a new boss battle, we're also rolling out the much awaited Devotion system. The level cap has also been raised to 60.

Devotions provide a new layer of skill customization, changing the feel of character progression, greatly expanding build diversity and adding hours of theory-crafting! Devotion points are earned by restoring broken or corrupted shrines found throughout the world and then spent among a giant sky map of constellations. Each constellation has its own lore, adding to the flavor of the world, stat bonuses on each star and the potential to unlock Celestial Powers, which are attached to your class skills and triggered in different ways. Access to higher tier constellations is unlocked by accumulating devotion among five different affinities: Chaos, Order, Eldritch, Primordial and Ascendant.

The remainder of Act 4, which will take you into Necropolis and then down into the final dungeon, is virtually complete and just awaiting polish work and animation of the final boss. It should roll out near the end of the year.

We hope you enjoy the new content and are very excited to see people's reactions to Devotion, which we've all enjoyed playing with and believe adds a lot of new depth and fun to Grim Dawn.

For the full list of changes, visit the forum.
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