Build 1180 - Shop, Boat, Map, Coin Tweaks and Many Fixes

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The butt lord of asmonera Aug 24 @ 4:32am 
I am the butt lord of asmonera.
NuclearPyro Jul 29 @ 11:00pm 
Wow, you should just stop updating the game and maybe it wont get worse.....
Not a manticore Jul 29 @ 7:51pm 
But....... but.......... i liked being inside the boxes.......
Iron Robo Jul 27 @ 10:34am 
I know that there is a way to only allow people who own the game on steam to partake in the discussions and what not. I'm not sure how to do it, but i've seen it in many community hubs before, and if you wish to have less of 'the noise to sift through' you should look into getting something like that set up.
10-4 , thank you for the response
Max Jul 16 @ 8:00am 
"So maybe you can see why i'm offended you're going to tell us somehow we matter less as player and customer base because were on fucking Steam?!" - I didn't mean for you to get that impression at all; I said that I care about the ingame playerbase over everything else, and that the official forums mirror the observed ingame population much better than the steam forums.

Steam sourced players/customers are incredibly important to the game's success, and we know that; but as you say the forums here sometimes have people who don't even own the game giving their 2c (or more) about balance, bug prioritisation, and what direction development needs to take. I don't consider that kind of "outsider opinion" to be particularly valuable input, and sifting through all the noise is not a good use of our time.
Max Jul 16 @ 7:53am 
@777TheFaceBiters - The kag official forums require a kag account to log into, and show the purchase status of the user there - that's part of why I'm less trusting of the steam forums.

You can play the game without steam installed by downloading from the KAG site - and it should still work from desura, and while I personally don't manage that side of things (desura's administration and builds backend was a mess when KAG was added so we stuck with 1 person managing it) - I'll put checking that out on the list of things to do, since it certainly sounds like a pain.

However, steam is not required at all to play (I don't generally play KAG through steam).

Thanks for your support over the years either way.
Uh, screw those people on the forums lol, I've owned KAG since alpha on Desura sir, so beeen playing for years... Out of 90% of the people on my large list of friends who own KAG on Steam, own it because of me and my suggestion of it. I've defended the game numerous times on Desura, back in the day when people said it wouldn't go anywhere and the dev. was in a bit of a slum. I've purchased gift packs of the game and given them out.

So maybe you can see why i'm offended you're going to tell us somehow we matter less as player and customer base because were on fucking Steam?! When you can't even buy and play KAG on Desura anymore without also having Steam installed as well now? WTF is that?

Not to mention, there are all kinds of people on forums who argue or push for things in a game they don't own, IE: Prison Architect, Krater, ETC.
SWiTCH Jul 13 @ 10:49pm 
Max Jul 13 @ 4:46am 
Re: Thanks for continuing work on the game - no worries, it's important that we keep adapting to community changes and help to sustain the population, seems that updates are pretty crucial to maintaining a large proportion of player's interest. While attentions are slowly moving to other games and future projects, there's no plans to drop support for KAG in the short term. Thanks for trying to keep it civil while voicing your concerns - they don't fall on deaf ears, there's just a lot of other noise in the mix.

Remember that I'm much more active over on the official forums, if you want to keep the dialogue going and get more involved in the community feel free to head over there.