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One month before the start of Le Tour de France, Cyanide Studio and Focus Home Interactive are happy to give you a first taste of this grand competition, through the first video dedicated to Pro Cycling Manager (PC) and Le Tour de France 2014 (PS4, PS3, Xbox360). Follow the pack through the streets of London, climb the highest mountains and participate in the final sprint of the Tour 2014 on the Champs Elysées! Enjoy Cyanide Studio's passionate effort to offer highly-detailed stages and scenes, guaranteeing total immersion while competing with the biggest champions!

Cycling lovers will thus enjoy new editions of Pro Cycling Manager and Tour de France 2014 that are even more gorgeous than previous installments, but also filled with new treats. Do not hesitate to visit the new official website of Pro Cycling Manager and Tour de France, with new sections dedicated to the 2014 editions of Pro Cycling Manager and Tour de France as well as the Devblog - they are all filled with all the information you want to know about both games.

Pro Cycling Manager 2014 on PC will thrill fans of sports management and catapult you to the head of one of the 75 pro teams in a riveting cycling season where you take part in over 200 competitions and 550 stages! This extensive 2014 edition offers meticulously rendered graphics, new off-race management options (R&D, financial management and improved sponsor relations, etc.), a more dynamic transfer market, a more realistic injury system, a brand new and highly intuitive interface and a race gameplay that is full of great features, including consecutive orders and race tactics!
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