Don’t Starve Together -- Multiplayer Officially Coming Summer 2014

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Jelly Bean Sep 11 @ 3:29am 
Closed beta has just started guyyss. They're accepting applications right now :)
Nub Sep 10 @ 3:01pm 
Say i if u cre eveei tim
[SKVR] Troll Rex -sfcb- Sep 10 @ 11:00am 
Acutally they say closed beta starts september 23rd, so it IS after summer
Kortak Sep 10 @ 1:20am 
whats with all the idiots saying summer ends 1 sep...Summer ends 21 september. not a second sooner.
Kortak Sep 10 @ 1:18am 
Its oke if you delay the release of multiplayer...just say so and give new ETA.. no problem
Kortak Sep 10 @ 1:17am 
Summer almost over....?
TheUnitedWaffles Sep 7 @ 12:41pm 
The suspense of when this is coming out is killing me,slowly with a dull knife(or a sharp pencil)
Xalek Sep 7 @ 10:40am 
The official forums say closed beta starts before September 23rd. That's kind of a strange way of saying the game is coming before the end of summer.
SaintSlayer Sep 7 @ 7:45am 
give news klei
[ACT] Bram Sep 7 @ 12:48am 
it's already september KLEI c'mon give us don't starve together