Arms & Armor - Contest for the Chivalry Item Workshop

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Ivenend Sep 10 @ 3:28am 
Ivenend Sep 10 @ 3:27am 
I want to know what exactly it is, is it a mod project or a DLC project or an expanasion project?
qwerty363 Aug 30 @ 4:23pm 
Let the community make its own paid DLC lol. But fuck it. Il buy it. At least the game isnt crap
Don Francisco Aug 29 @ 4:20pm 
Good Ideal we need more Helmets & Weapons , If you Cant Spend 5$ , U must be a 12 year old Who uses a " DELL " ... MY GTX 760 (OC) Cost 260 ???? Lets be Real Guys...
Warden Potato Aug 29 @ 10:19am 
instead of this bullshit get us fucking medium ranked and high ranked official servers thats something the community would like
Zombotec Aug 29 @ 10:08am 
Inb4 Rapier
Sh[A]rktopus |ϟ| Aug 29 @ 5:55am 
Good, good!
Sir Eggmond Aug 28 @ 9:20pm 
*sigh* well i guess i better get mah wallet ready. I know i'm going to end up buying every armor that comes out
[15e] Proud Aug 28 @ 4:03pm