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Basingstoke Is Nearly Here

Minions! Let is be known that our vicious roguelike survival horror game BASINGSTOKE is due for release on Mar 30, 2018 @ 11:00am PST. Go forth and wishlist it so you'll get a reminder when it finally appears (with a wee discount).

Eh? What's Basingstoke?

We've spent the last four years making a game about escaping a mediocre small town in southern England. Set in the near future, Basingstoke has been invaded by the evil Titans, and nearly everyone has been killed by a neutron bomb. Nearly everyone...

You've got to escape alive through Basingstoke's randomly generated suburban sprawl, looting bodies as you go, crafting new things to help you evade detection, distract your enemies, or just plain old kill them as a last resort. Everything you encounter will kill you instantly, so stealth and planning are the keys to survival. And running away a lot while throwing sausage rolls over your shoulder.

A few more details can be found here[] on our site.
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