PAYDAY 2: Invitation to open beta focusing on size issues

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Scuromi Jul 26 @ 1:40am 
Shark Jul 2 @ 11:26pm 
just says
outseeker (au) Jul 2 @ 11:04am 
just says invalid key XD
CanataMortis May 30 @ 8:36am 
Absurd May 30 @ 3:25am 
Народ, как поставить русский язык?
Карандаш May 29 @ 8:15pm 
nyk0 May 28 @ 6:29am 
FOX May 27 @ 3:58pm 
*manly tears coming out*; I wanna buy a ticket to sweden and come to your company and give all of you a big kiss; *NO HOMO*. why cant there be more developers like you in MasterRace.
GB11 May 26 @ 5:21pm 
Raidey May 26 @ 12:03pm 
Guys, the point of the beta version is not to play with anyone, it's to see if the size change still works, it's to check for bugs, it's to see if there are loading issues. The number of players has zero to do with anything.