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So apparently the hotfix needed a hotfix. Sorry for the delay.

-Windows: YES
-Mac: YES
-Linux: YES

- Fix glitch with boost indicators in battle
- Fix overlapping tutorial navigation chrome
- Fix startup crash in level editor
- Fix mod interface showing steam options when steam is not active
- Fix text overfills in mod interface
- Fix text size issues in journal
- Fix missing paragraph of German text in "third dream" journal entry
- Fix incorrect german speaker line in opening cutscene
- Fix loading times on party screen a bit
- Fix overworld text scroll float
- Fix missing text in party rewards
- Fix "merge" method for xml files in mods
- Fix memory leak
- Fix wave text in enemy wave bar in 4:3 aspect ratio
- Fix overflow text in enemy menu
- Fix spell text showing wrong stats in YouGot screen in NewGame+
- Fix scrap overflow
- Fix cutscene text overflow
- Fix achievements
- Fix battle crash

Let me know if there's any further bugs!
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