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Hey everyone!

Defender's Quest version 2.1.7 has just been released.

Windows: YES
Linux: NOT YET

This version includes a lot of bugfixes and stability changes, as well as complete translations for Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Previously, we had only translated the user interface and gameplay text; now all the story, cutscene, and journal text should be fully translated into both languages.

Since the translations are still new, there is always the possibility that I, the programmer, have introduced a few bugs during the integration, or have failed to provide the translator with enough context for certain scenes. If you are fluent in both Chinese and English and find any errors, please do not hesitate to point them out to me, and I will try to fix them as quickly as I can.

The majority of our other changes concern general stability, fixing random rare crashes, and improving gamepad support. We have also identified a few parts of the code that were rather slow, and optimized them. Hopefully that will mean some improved performance for those who had been experiencing slowdown on big, long, battles.

Changelog for version 2.1.7:
- Full Chinese translation (simplified)
- Full Chinese translation (traditional)
- Fix crash with mod menu
- Fix various bugs with softkeyboard overlay
- Fix erroneous steam cloud message
- Fix crash in movies menu
- Fix glitch with gamepad button glyphs in tutorials
- Render battlefield tilemap faster
- Fix double-press bug w/ gamepads on new game menu
- Fix double-press bug w/ gamepads on tutorials
- Fix crash bug on recruit screen
- Add "remember the last spot on back" in summon menu for class, character, and map placement
- Fix spell scale in YouGot menus
- Crash guard for mouse + fix some bugs
- Less allocations/dynamics in quad trees (read: performance boost)
- Optimize enemy/defender update logic (internal efficiency cleanup + don't send redundant regeneration signals)
- Flag UI elements as non-moving to speed things up a little
- Fix delayed update on mcguffin hit --> healthbar refresh
- Fix tilemap doodad glitches
- Fix send next button for gamepad use
- Fix crash in party screen with gamepads
- Generally improve the user experience for gamepads
- Add "target boss" for gamepad mode
- Faster loading for QuickEquip menu
- Fix visual glitch w/ shaded region in party screen
- Replace blank black load screens with screens bearing the word "Loading..."
- Add analog stick speed and inertia options for gamepad controls in battle
- Fix some bugs related to hand cursor in battles
- Fix unicode error in skills menu preview
- Fix bug with level up gems in party menu if language is Chinese
- Fix scroll button being too low in party equip menu
- Fix controls text overlapping if language is Chinese
- Fix stack overflow with achievements
- Fix button widths on localization menu
- Fix "constantly growing item icon" bug in shop menu
- Fix Chinese bitmap fonts
- Fix recruit button glitch
- Fix battle tab glitch
- Fix recall button in chinese
- Fix cutscene bug with New Game+ and symbols text
- Fix crash on Sidequest 7 in New Game+
- Fix unicode/layout errors in Journal
- Animate journal previous/next page buttons to make them more noticeable
- Fixed bugs with the "strange monument"
- Fix bug with first skill tutorial
- Added a strikethrough line in map previews to indicate achieved rewards
- Fix weird looking hand icon in original art mode
- Fix untranslated strings in skills menu
- Add skip_cutscenes option for speedrunners: no in game GUI for now, must hand-edit options.txt
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