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We just published three quick hotfixes in short succession over the last few days, the last one five minutes ago, and wanted to be sure people saw the changes. These mostly have to do with small regressions, null crash errors, and tweaks to steam controller & conventional controller support.

We also now have new builds up for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Also we're on sale for 67% off during the Holiday sale!

Windows: YES
Windows GL: YES
Mac: YES
Linux: YES

And for those of you who are into the Steam Controller:

- We have official default configs for BOTH the Steam Controller *and* the Dualshock 4. Currently we're not able to properly label these in the "recommended configurations" section, but if you click the wrong one for your device you should get a warning. If everything's weirdly jumbled, use the other config!

- We have exposed more actions than those used in the default configuration, these are meant for advanced users to play with.

- We have provided a bunch of custom icons to use with Steam Controller configurations. We use some of these ourselves in the official configuration's radial menus.


Changelog for 2.1.2c:
- Fixed overworld scrolling bug
- Fixed naming recruits with steam's soft keyboard overlay
- Fixed "configure steam controller" button doing nothing

Changelog for 2.1.2b:
- Fixed leftward drift on steam controller
- Fixed skills/equip button toggle in party menu for gamepad/steam controller
- Fixed wrong recruit screen button
- Fixed "infinite buy" bug on shop screen for gamepad/steam controller
- Fixed inconsistencies with mouse cursor

Changelog for 2.1.2a:
- Added a equip/skills toggle to party screen for gamepad & SC mode
- Added mouse-clickable rename/reset pts btns to party screen for SC mode
- Fixed soft keyboard input for SC (was broken)
- Added gamepad button to recruit/redesign screen for easy renaming
- Added cycle defenders back/forth to Left & Right grip on default SC config
- Fixed crash bug for windowed mode
- Fixed bug where fancy mouse would be forced even if you'd selected default

As usual, let us know if there's any issues so that we can get a patch out before the Steam servers go down again :P
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