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Another day, another patch!


- Polished up Italian Translation
- Added complete French Translation (marked as BETA for now)
- Fixed various glitches in UI related to translations


This is for Mac and Windows only. We have supported Linux for a long time, but sadly the only distribution DQ doesn't run well on is SteamOS, so even though the game will run on Ubuntu, etc, Steam has removed our "Supports Linux" store status as part of a new policy.

Therefore, we've decided to halt maintenance patches for the Linux version of Defender's Quest for now, and put those efforts towards DQHD instead. DQHD will have FULL Linux support -- native, c++ based, and without relying on adobe-AIR or clumsy installers. It will support SteamOS, big picture, and steam controller integration.

When the full version of DQHD releases, we will do one final round of maintenance patches for all platforms (including Linux), but then we'll be done with the old version of the game forever. And yes, you'll be able to switch between the legacy version of DQ (what you're playing now), and DQHD, on any store you own the game on, including Steam.


Also, in case you missed it, the upcoming free HD upgrade of Defender's Quest has a public demo you can play RIGHT NOW:
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