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Server Performance Improvements have been made.

Restoration Kit
Overwriting a Restoration Kit will now properly restart the use duration.

Medical Kit
Medkits now using the correct icon.

Cortium is now more likely to spawn near Warp Gates.

Glaive IPC
Glaive IPC range increased to 1000 from 750

Construction Damage Resist
Corrected significant irregularities with the damage resists of construction objects while building; for the most part construction objects will now be easier to destroy while being built.

Bug Fixes
Medic Revive should now correctly cancel the death counter.
NC female infiltrator Hard Light armor is once again the correct size.
Glaive IPC targeting dart FX fixed
Fixed various broken decals.
Implant icons on centered HUD should no longer overlap ability icons after swapping from the Engineer class.
Forward flap animation on the mosquito while hovering/landing added.
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