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Get ready for the final chapter of the Black Heaven saga!

Take on Gelimer and Lotus in the epic finale to the Black Heaven content! Then show you've got rhythm with a new Star Planet mini-game. Finally, celebrate Earth Day with spring events! All this and more will be available in the Black Heaven: Final Chapter update.

Black Heaven - Acts 5 and 6

The final chapter of Black Heaven is almost upon us! Venture deep into the giant airship Black Heaven as you get closer to the core-only to come face to face with Gelimer and Lotus! You'll have to defeat Lotus to ultimately stop Gelimer's evil plan and save Maple World.

Lotus Boss

Once you clear all six Acts of Black Heaven, players Lv. 190 and above can open the Boss Matchmaking List window and go head-to-head with Lotus. Look out! Lotus has three stages, and you'll need to move fast to avoid his spinning lasers, energy bombs, and spawning androids.

Star Step

A new mini-game is coming to Star Planet! Grab your friends and try out Star Step! Tap the correct directional keys as they appear on the screen to move up through the steps. Each step will get a little harder. Do your best and earn Star Points and Reward Points!

Spring Events

Enjoy the warm spring weather! Hunt the Golden Dream Pig that appears in certain maps to receive a belt and random scrolls for it. Show Earth how much you care by collecting trash during the Earth Day attendance event. You'll be able to earn daily rewards and a Maple World Chair!

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