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Grab a package of useful items for 30%-40% off during the Steam Lunar New Year Sale! Four MapleStory Steam DLC packages are on sale for four days only, so pick one up today to make the most of MapleStory. These packages can only be purchased once per account, and can only be redeemed in non-Reboot worlds.

Get started in Maple World with the Let's Get Started beginner package! It’s stocked full of useful items to help you hit the ground running. Get twice the amount of EXP and item drops, stock up on mesos (the in-game currency), and adopt a cute mushroom pet!

Find a new best friend with the Pet Training Master pet package. This package comes with a cute yeti pet and all the things a new pet owner needs!

Give yourself a whole new look and wow everyone in Maple World with the Aren't I Beautiful? cosmetic package. This package comes with coupons to change your hair/face/skin, a random chair, a random damage skin, and some cute teddy bear equips!

The Min - Max Master enhancement package has everything you need to enhance your equipment in MapleStory. This package comes with cubes, scrolls, and potential stamps!
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