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Part 2 of Masteria Through Time debuts today! Complete Acts 3 and 4 to reach the stunning conclusion. Follow Dr. Jang back through time where she and Naricain are preparing a massive attack against Crimsonwood Keep. Can you help protect the Antellion? You’ll have to go face-to-face against the clever Dr. Jang, who is armed with a powerful machine.
Complete Act 4 to receive either the Crimsonwood Warrior Chair or the Dark Follower Chair, depending on the choices you made in Act 3, as well as either the Subani-Roid or the Dr. Jang-Roid, depending on the choices you made in Act 4. In the end, what will become of Masteria? And will you ever get back to the present? Find out in Part 2 of Masteria Through Time, playable now!

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