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Official group for this unique lo-fi indie horror game

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Discuss Home, the indie horror title that's been getting lovely reviews and tonnes of discussion both here and all over the web.

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Hey, all! It's been a long time since I launched Home here on Steam, and I appreciate all the players, discussions and friendly arguments this game has encouraged!

I'm pleased to announce that Alone With You, my newest title, is finally launching on Steam. You can view the store page and put it on your wishlist here.

I wrote a little intro post about AWY over on that page, but here's a snippet:

Alone With You is a "sci-fi romance adventure" — and it's a bit like a Star Trek episode crossed with a dating sim, but a whole lot more tragic. It's meaty (average 4–6 hours of gameplay, but it can be more!), and has lots to offer players who like exploring, learning about the world, and really getting to know some "remarkably well-written" characters (Gamespot[ttp] said that, not us).

Home, it's a narrative-focused game where your choices affect things, but this time around, the story itself is more detailed, more substantial, and will tug your heartstrings in all sorts of unexpected directions.

I'll be posting more behind-the-scenes details on the game leading up to launch, so I hope to see you there!

– Ben

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