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Discuss Home, the indie horror title that's been getting lovely reviews and tonnes of discussion both here and all over the web.

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Holy crap, people — did you realize that Home is almost five years old!? And you continue to play, question, debate and enjoy it, which brings many a smile to our weathered faces.

Home gets a lot of under-the-hood improvements today, to make your playing experience better, and to future-proof the game as new players continue to discover it and dive in.

What's New in v1.6.0
- Home now more seamlessly supports keyboard, mouse, Xinput gamepads and (NEW) PlayStation®4 DualShock®4 controllers; plug whatever you have in and use it; the game will adjust its prompts to match more accurately
- Home is now fully playable with a mouse/trackpad (except for that one puzzle that requires typing)
- new pause menu allows you to return to title screen or quit to desktop
- game now renders beautifully on 21:9 monitors!

Bug fixes and improvements
- tweaked, higher-res, better-looking title and ending screens
- gamepads no longer rumble if not actively in use
- screenshots now work consistently *
- better window mode switching (just hit F4)
- text boxes can no longer be skipped by accident!
- locked doors consistently display "now unlocked" text
- a bunch of little "how is that still a thing?" fixes

* Mac version sometimes takes "partial screenshots" — we are trying to find a way around this and will address this in a future update.

A message to the players
We still can't believe how popular this game got since its launch, and how many of you have jumped in to try our brand of horror-mystery-adventure. We just wanted to say thanks for all the support these past years — we hope you'll continue to enjoy Home, and our other games.

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