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Cool off from the scorching Summer heat with a new Golden Week! Starting Wednesday, August 31st and until September 7th, we’re running the following:

Over the Rainbow

The golden outfits mark their return with a deep discount, joined by the Gilded Geist Rider and a new mount: Introducing the Gilded Unicorn, making its debut in the store! The Gilded Geist Rider is only available during this event, and the Gilded Unicorn is heavily discounted for this week only!

Doubled Ability Points

Every time you gain an Ability Point during this week, you will be awarded an additional bonus Ability Point! This effect stacks with Timed AP boosters that are available from the Item Store. This bonus doesn’t work with AP Injections!

Golden Vendor & Event Bags

The Merchant of Glitz opens for business with a fresh stock of High Roller’s Valises and pets! High Roller’s Valises purchased from the Item Store grant 1 Lucky Coin when opened! The Golden Bag of Lady Luck returns for those who want to spread some cheer, and grants 3 Lucky Coins to the kind soul that opens it.

Gilded Rage

The golden Guardian of Gaia, Samsu Nasiru, walks the earth again. Gather your best allies and hunt them down to earn your special rewards and tokens!
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