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Hello everybody! A brief announcement from our team with a few updates.

Compensation Events!

- Starting today, we're going to be doing a 25% EXP + Drops Extra event until 8/10. Classic server will receive the same from 8/10 - 8/17.

- On 8/10, we will be adding 10 days of VIP to all accounts that had VIP as of 7/25.

- On 8/11, we will be having another 4 day VIP Weekend Event!
  • WP Users will need to claim the 4 days once it starts
  • Steam users will have it automatically inserted once it starts

Other Updates!

- Cracked Buckler Machine will be returning 8/10 with that rare costume! So this is your chance to get it again.

- Currently we are working on the new Spotlight Quests + A "Talk Like A Pirate Day" quest for both Renewal and Classic servers.

- Nightmare Biolabs (Bed of Honor) is nearing the end of its QA Phase at the Studio.

Have a great weekend everybody!
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