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Wilhelm Jul 26 @ 10:41pm 
I love the "Enjoy!" at this message. I wish I could... CA you really dissapont... Long time fan and I feel royally cheated after buying this buggy mess... If I could have my 60 bucks back, I would take it. How you can keep peddling "additonal" content for this monstrosity is beyond my comprehension. Who ever is making the bussiness decisions at CA is a short sighted low life fuck. They clearly rushed and watered down this title to "appeal to a wider audience". This game could have been an acceptable title if the AI just behaved semi-intelligent. I have zero confience this game will ever be enjoyable. I had unshakable confidence in CA's ability prior to Rome II. After one week with the game my confidence in CA dropped to ZERO.
Mr.SisterFister Jul 25 @ 2:58pm 
I feel cheated cause i pre-ordered,payed the full price,played trough a mountain of glitches,bugs and whole shitload of fuck ups,waited about 6 months for fix to take place,and what did i got?Whole bunch of DLC i need to pay for and still a glitchy (hand to heart not always) game.There should be some standard out there,bunch of hardcore fans got fucked and that aint cool...
nope Jul 16 @ 2:46pm 
fix the sync bug that your last update fucked up
Loukion Jul 12 @ 1:11am 
so waite if I get this straight everything fixed excetpe AI (sor for spelling need 2 get used 2 new keybaord)
I've read the reviews and desided not to buy even with a 50% discount. A big disappointment, since I have been waiting for the game for so long....
hkiss02 Jul 8 @ 2:05pm 
I honestly don't know why people hate Rome 2.. sure, they are forcing us to buy factions already in-game, and it was glitchy at the launch, but that is it. Sure, the famiy tree is missing, and some features have been replaced.... but people hate it because they compare it to other Total Wars. If this was the first Total War everyone one would be saying that it was a great game.
Commander Tasun Jul 6 @ 10:04pm 
Just like Lando_7, I've had absolute perfection except for not-so-bright AI, which I can still lose to their brute force tactics and slightly going around my armies (or just bulldozed...Looking at Syracuse) to wreck my shit when I've really screwed something up.

It's bloody fun, illegitimate complainers.
Legitimate complainers, though, My heart goes out to you. -Just got off a terribad PC...Which still wasn't buggy, tbh.
lando_7 Jul 6 @ 7:15pm 
mu game never crashes and the graphics are freaking beautiful but yea there needs to be something done with the AI but other than that i love this game it is really fun and i dont see why everyone is complaining
Duston55 Jul 5 @ 1:28pm 
is just my game or is other having the capture point not working on campaign is there a setting to turn it on or off?
connor_reid97 Jul 5 @ 7:47am 
How any of you can be happy about the state of your games amazes me. Why you decide to milk your loyal fans for more money instead of actually fixing things that might even make the game worthwhile, we will never know. Hang your heads in shame.