Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Hannibal at the Gates Campaign Pack Out Now! Also, Free-LC for ROME II Owners!

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Pharithos 27 mei 2014 om 7:56vm 
Honestly, if you don't mind the gameplay style, I'd urge you to get Medieval 2. I think it's still the high point in the series - the gfx don't show as well as they do in Shogun 2 or Rome 2, but they're still very playable, and the city building / country development is way better, more detailed, and more open ended. I've still not forgiven CA for not having *road building* in Rome 2....thought it was something the Romans were known for. In any case, the other reasons to get Med 2 are the mods - the Lord of the Rings and the Warhammer mods are both exceptional, @
Buzzerker 6 mei 2014 om 7:28vm 
look at Realwarfare Northern Crusades 2 for instance , now on Steam for 5 bucks. it mimics the CA totalwar Style but is more like it used Mount and Blade as a template to make a modded out total war like game and it doesn't have the polish of a CA total war title. I think its Russian made, I'm not sure though. Still , Medieval 2 total war being as old as it is I was tempted to buy it until I youtubed a gameplay video.
Buzzerker 6 mei 2014 om 7:25vm 
You have to admit although Rome 2 needs mods and Shogun 2 I must add, if CA didn't make these games to give modders something to fix we wouldn't get games like these anywhere else. They are basically and conceptually well done, the devil is in the details.
RTK | TiGR 4 mei 2014 om 4:49vm 
I wouldn't buy water from CA if I was on fire.
Christ 88 3 mei 2014 om 8:04nm 
multiplayer works fine, atleast for me and my friend, so no prob bob :)
bob the builder 3 mei 2014 om 10:15vm 
Do i have to buy this DLC to play muliplayer now? I'm just asking because when i want to host a multiplayer battle it sais the host has a DLC that i don't? I am getting verry pissed

I know i spelled many words wrong dont yella at me for that please
mcoffm 1 mei 2014 om 12:40vm 
Updated LOL. They need to start over.
Scipio 29 apr 2014 om 9:45vm 
good to see they're updated the AI might pick up the game after a few mor eup dates
Interstellar Cat 28 apr 2014 om 5:48nm 
Oh by the Divide Et Impera mod is a great mod here, totally enhances gameplay, historical accurate models and time periods, Enhanced graphics, SEASONS, and much more you should check it out.
Interstellar Cat 28 apr 2014 om 5:47nm 
You introduce seasons? WTF?! SERIOUSLY? There are people, intelligent people mind you, who have already modded seasons into this game. Wow, way to drop the ball on this one.