Pirates and Raiders Out, FreeLC for everyone and Rally Point 20!

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hakbak0 Sep 4 @ 7:48am 
If it is a Free-LC for current owners and I redeemed it before it was released, surely I dont need to pay?
Serial_Thriller Aug 17 @ 8:19pm 
What does LC stand for? Liberty City??
geraldkr Aug 14 @ 10:15am 
I agree with Enoc, i have all the Total War games, 2 x on digital and also as collectable hard copies and i really enjoy Total War Rome 2. I did not like it in the beginning and then i told myself "Give it a try", and now i am hooked. I see where they wanted to go with game and i enjoy it. I have no problem with rebellions if you manage it right, i have no problem with enough armies now since playing for a while and see what they did.
For those complaining there are loads of mods that can help with rebellions if you struggle with that, also mods for giving you more armies, so try that before just complaining.
The game is very nice and i enjoy it. I have 150 hours on this game and no problem.
The only thing i can say that is a bit of a irritation is how quick combat is, i liked previous Total War games where i would zoom in and enjoy the combat but now its over to quick. That is my only concern otherwise i am happy with the game.
Enoc Aug 13 @ 10:39am 
Oh! I forgot to mention.

4) They are currently working on a new Total War game, it's a massively multi-player one, I think? It's going to be called Total War: Arena, and they announced it on their site a few months ago. Don't tell them to make what they are currently trying to make.
Enoc Aug 13 @ 10:37am 
All right, I have some things to say.

1) Don't you dare tell them to stop making news videos to tell their followers what's going on. How about you pay some attention first?
2) @johnnyler Perhaps if you, I don't know, kept your providences happy then rebellions wouldn't happen? They stop if you get rid of them by killing them off and keeping the area happy keep that in mind. Also, just play around a little while until you fully grasp the right tactics for armies. I understand it can be challenging to build a good, functioning one early on. Trust me, that's one of my biggest current goals.
3) @DexterM. Perhaps you don't even like the genre? If you don't enjoy playing this game, then don't play it, it's as simple as that. I don't understand why you still have to complain to everyone else about how the game is "still a piece of shit" when there are a lot of people, myself included, who actually enjoy the game.
lostman681 Jul 31 @ 4:14pm 
*sight wrong page
lostman681 Jul 31 @ 4:11pm 
*sight even now i go off for a little bit and i come back and people are still bitching about the game being broken or that the updates are coming out to slow okay look people CA is try to fix the game they are test the pacts them self's before braking the game even more by releasing a broken patch to every one so stop your bitching and if you dont have anything to say about this game then get the f*#$ off and play one of the other total war games and for thoughts who have something good to say about this game good for you
johnnyler Jul 26 @ 3:33pm 
I agree the Game has serious issues never ending uprisings and slave rebellions, I seriously hate the army limitations makes expanding fast almost impossible...
DexterM. Jul 26 @ 3:40am 
Yay, free stuff to make us blind that the game is still a piece of shit? Atm I prefer playing a modded Medieval II Total War ( The mod is TATW with MoS, recommend it, it's fking awesome! ) than this shit Rome II. The game is totally broken. FIX IT instead of making new DLC's with shit factions.
MDDonnergott Jul 26 @ 3:25am 
stop making these videos and do a proper Total War game!!!!