FTL Advanced Edition is now available!

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groB 20 Tem @ 12:41pm 
mraublivion 2 Tem @ 1:53pm 
Oui,chapeau et merci encore pour l'extension GRATUITE !!! C'est si rare maintenant ce genre de geste,la plupart des studios (pourquoi tu te sens visé EA ?) l'aurait fait payer...Have fun !
it IS a flu 28 Haz @ 11:17pm 
Thanks for the free upgrade.
mp2 26 Haz @ 5:12am 
when will there be an android version?
jonno83900 25 Haz @ 12:59am 
Fourthing the request for win 8 touch support.
madash28 24 Haz @ 7:58am 
i love this game :D
Terror_Byt3 24 Haz @ 1:05am 
I read the manuals
Chimber 23 Haz @ 9:46pm 
Besides Android, I'd like to get it for my Kindle Fire :)
MrPendent 23 Haz @ 6:02pm 
I third the request for touch/stylus support on Windows 8. This game would be perfect if it had that.

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