FTL Advanced Edition is now available!

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Ravig 17 dec 2014 om 4:08nm 
Actually I can't update de steam version to Advanced
PsychoSimatic 29 sep 2014 om 2:11nm 
I would so gladly pay for a DLC with an endless mode
Dusky Leaf Monkey 27 sep 2014 om 6:05nm 
Apparently this wiped out the progression I had made in the older version. Expected gitch?
DisSoonGoin2FloridaTurtle 27 sep 2014 om 9:44vm 
the new ftl update is AMAZING!
MadJoca 24 sep 2014 om 12:04nm 
Fuck hard game brothers
ChuggingClorox 21 sep 2014 om 3:08nm 
you should make a ship editor so you can edit and play ships of your own making
kyosquee 28 aug 2014 om 9:58vm 
Coop mode dlc...Please?!
overmink 23 aug 2014 om 6:24vm 
Windows 8 sucks xD The game is great
Nyper 21 aug 2014 om 7:07nm 
really good work nice game and nice developers with free updates
Binky 10 aug 2014 om 9:09vm 
Good content is good.