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The Mistress of the Blade has finally arrived! See what skill she brings with her, along with all the other changes exclusive to this update.

Female Blade Master
  • The Female Blade Master is now available
  • The Female Blade Master can be obtained via Character Creation, or through a Class Change Card
  • The overall stats and skills of the Female Blade Master are the same as her Male counterpart
  • A new class based skill, Waltz of the Blade, has been added
  • Waltz of the Blade is a brilliant sword dance that maximizes the potential of your blades, giving you unprecedented power. It uses both your strength and your weapon's strength to deal greater damage to enemies
  • Waltz of the Blade can only be learned through skill books
  • Waltz of the Blade skill book can be purchased through the market at the following set prices
  • Book: Waltz of the Blade - 300,000,000 Gold
  • Book: Waltz of the Blade [II] - 600,000,000 Gold
  • Book: Waltz of the Blade [III] - 900,000,000 Gold
  • Book: Waltz of the Blade [IV] - 1,200,000,000 Gold
  • When the Blade Master is selected as a FREE Lv. 130 Character (during the event period) Waltz of the Blade's skill level will be automatically boosted to 10
Lucky Loot System
  • The Lucky Loot System has been added
  • The Lucky Loot System has a chance to trigger when you successfully defeat a monster
  • A monster who triggers the Lucky Loot System has a chance to drop a variety of rewards, such as buffs, bonus experience, level appropriate weapons and gear, or legendary weapons
  • The Lucky Loot System cannot be activated in TBS
  • The Lucky Loot System cannot be activated by monsters who resurrect, or transform into a different monster upon death
  • Defeated monsters that trigger the lucky loot system will disappear 1 turn earlier, so you must be quick to loot
  • Normally you are allowed 4 turns to loot, Lucky Loot System only allows 3 turns
  • Lucky Loot cannot be looted with Auto-Battle
  • Lucky Loot can only be obtained by pressing "X" (Search All command)
Australia Revisited
  • 3 new quests have been added in Australia
  • The Bree Daily Quest has been added in general Australia
  • Suspicious Hermit Quest has been added in the Blue Mountains
  • Katherine Sub-Quest has been added in Katherine Gorge
  • The experience for the following quests has been increased:
  • Blue Mountain
  • Blue Guardian - Main Quest
  • Best Jewels - Repeated Quest
  • Katherine Gorge
  • Katherine Gorge - General Quest
  • Prankster Quest - Repeated Quest
  • Raging Vortex
  • Raging Vortex - Main Quest
  • Pure Waters - Main Quest
  • Mysterious Rock - Repeated Quest
  • Magical Rock - Repeated Quest
  • Bungle Bungle Range
  • Lost World 2 - Main Quest
  • Lost World 1 - Repeated Quest
  • Uluru
  • Honor Guard - Main Quest
Dungeon Point System Changes
  • Dungeon Points will reset to 0 every Thursday at 6:00 AM Pacific (9:00 AM Eastern)
  • Dungeon Points can be earned through the diary
  • 2 Points per quest (total 3 diary quests) + 2 (if extended)
  • 4 Points per competition(total 2 diary quests) + 1 (if extended)
  • 5 Points per Individual Dungeon (total 1 diary quest) + 1 (if extended)
  • Total Dungeon Points that can be earned without extension are 133
  • Total Dungeon Points that can be earned with extensions are 224
  • Experience acquired from fishing, hunting, and quests has been increased
  • Experience has been adjusted for the top 600 types of monsters
  • The normal attack range for Pirate, Harlequin and other dual sword characters has changed to a cross range, similar to the attack style of Atlantian Blade Masters
  • All Mercenary Character models have increased slightly in size
  • MyHome cost decreased from 500,000,000 gold to 100,000,000 gold
  • My Warehouse Page 1 is now permanently available to everyone
  • Jessica The Bounty Hunter now has scaling magic. Ex: Carnage will scale off Jessica's attack power
  • Vampire now has scaling magic. Ex: Dawn Harmony now heals for a % of the target's max health.
Bug Fixes
  • An issue with some mercenaries not being able to equip Lapis Weapons has been resolved
  • An issue with some Australia Quests not dropping quest items has been resolved
  • An issue where Transcendent Rings could be equipped by mercenaries has been resolved
  • An issue where Main Character Class Necklaces could be equipped on mercenaries has been resolved
FREE Lv. 130 Character!

The Mistress of the Blade has arrived, and with her she brings the powerful might of Atlantis! For a limited time, you will be able to create a FREE Lv. 130 main character to overpower all of your enemies. Find out how to claim your very own FREE Lv. 130 character below!

FREE Lv. 130 Character Event
Event Dates: Thursday, Sept. 17 - Thursday, Oct. 22

Create your Destiny
Anyone can create a FREE Lv. 130 Character. To Create your FREE Lv. 130 Character, follow the steps below:
  • Log into Atlantica
  • Navigate to the Character Creation Screen
  • Click on the red FREE Lv. 130 Character button
  • Choose you Race, Class, Gender, and Appearance

Done! It's that simple to become a powerful Atlantian!
Notice: Only 1 FREE Lv. 130 Character can be created per account

Getting Started

  • All newly created Lv. 130 Characters will begin with powerful Explorer Gear
  • Explorer Gear has stats comparable to Evil Equipment
  • As a new Lv. 130 Character your journey will begin in Australia. Speak with NPC Kris to get started
  • NPC Kris will introduce you to powerful Lv. 130 Guard Mercenaries:
  • Sheriff Christine
  • Bounty Hunter Jessica
  • Valkyrie Morrighan
  • Vampire Carmilla
  • Taoist Jeon Woo-Chi
  • As you complete various FREE Lv. 130 Character quests you will earn some awesome rewards including:
  • New Atlantian Outfit
  • Title: Explorer
  • 7 Day Blessing License
  • Explorer Kit I
  • So Much More!
The time is now to log-in and create your powerful FREE Lv. 130 Character! This special event will only last until Thursday, Oct. 22!
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