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May is Magical! Celebrate Mabinogi Renovation: Magic this month. Find out all of the details on what's new and what has changed for the Magic Talent! Read More[]

May you forever be in love! Sabina's Wedding Chapel is open for business, and is accepting applications. Have Sabina and other members of the Mabinogi team join you on your special day! Read More[]

In the distance it looks like a cute and cuddly sheep, but as you get closer you notice what big teeth it has! The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing is invading Erinn. Round up your friends and take down this camouflaged canine! Read More[]

Boost your magical prowess with the Magic Booster Pack! This conjures up items that will enchant your magic skills and experience, plus it includes a charming Fennec Fox Doll Bag! Read More[]

Master the Elements with your choice of the Wind or Water Shaman outfits! What Element will you master? Read More[]

There is nothing like the end of May in Erinn. The Sun is shining brightly, and the latest Gachapon has also arrived! Grab new outfits and wings found in the Spring Fever Gachapon! Read More[]

It's time to Celebrate Mabinogi Renovation: Magic!
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