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June is On Target! Celebrate Mabinogi Renovation: Archery this month! Find out all the details that will have you quivering with excitement!Read More[]

The purr-fect game has pounced its way into Erinn: The Meowbinogi Catchapon Game! What are you waiting for? Hurry to paw-ticipate in this claw-some event right meow! Meow!
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The Cross Empire is recruiting strong Milletians who have pride in their towns! Be a shining exmaple of Dunbarton with the new Cross Empire outfit!
Read More[]

Continue the Renovation festivities! Archery Renovation Celebration is going on now!
Read More[]

May your arrow always be true! Get the most out of Mabinogi Renovation: Archery with the Archery Booster Pack. Increase your experience and get your paws on a cute Tiger Doll Bag!
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It's time to Celebrate Mabinogi Renovation: Archery!
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