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Vindictus' 12th character has arrived, and she's on fire! The Miri update brings forth the Last Draker, a powerful warrior wielding a massive polearm known as the Dragonspine. But this new mercenary isn't the only feature with this update. We've improved the Seal of Bravery shop with three powerful Enhancement Stones, added new Secondary Equipment for the mercenaries that have gone without, improved the classic Campfires and more!

Miri, the Last Draker

Miri might look like a slight little girl, but this young woman carries the blood of dragons in her veins. Descended from a lost line of Drakers, she is all that remains of their mighty legacy, and the great power that they once claimed.

Miri uses the Dragonspine, a polearm of massive size attached to a chain, perfect for swinging around and keeping a hold onto. Miri fights best in the thick of the melee, surrounded by enemies that will quickly realize what happens to moths that fly too close to the flame...

Check out the full list of abilities at the official Vindictus site![]

Secondary Equipment Improvements
The Secondary Equipment slot, where Arisha's focus, Fiona's shield and Evie's and Sylas' spellbooks are equipped have always been empty for most of Vindictus' characters. However, with the Miri update, all characters will be able to equip and gain benefits from these powerful items!

Changes include:
  • All Spell Books (excluding the Fomorian Book) can now be equipped by Delia, Hurk, Kai, Karok, Lann, Lynn, Miri and Vella, in addition to Evie and Sylas
    • All Spell Books will now grant STR and ATT at the same proportion as INT and M.ATT
    • Spell Books are now classified as part of the Totem subclass
    • All Enchants that used to be applied to Spellbooks now can be applied to Totems
  • New Item: The Book of Legacy
    • Grants +60 STR, +80 INT and +3 Crit
    • Requires Level 95
    • Can be equipped by Delia, Evie, Hurk, Kai, Karok, Lann, Lynn, Miri, Sylas and Vella
    • Can be crafted by Brynn for 5x Eternal Legacy, 100x Paradise Orbs and 350,000 Gold
    • Eternal Legacy can be acquired from Evil Cores in Lv. 95 Raids (currently Dullahan only)
  • Fomorian Book is being discontinued
    • Fomorian Book can no longer drop be acquired in-game
    • Fomorian Book remains equippable by only Evie and Sylas
    • Fomorian Books already acquired will remain fully functional
  • Sage's enchant now grants +15 STR
  • Chaos enchant now grants ATT when proc'd

Seal of Bravery Revamp

Three items have been added to the Seal of Bravery shop, to give you a better path to +11, +12 and even +13 weapons:
  • 120x Seals of Bravery: +11 Flawless Enhancement Stone (Lv. 90 Weapon)
    • Allows you to enhance a weapon from +10 to +11 with a 100% success rate
    • Can only be used on weapons Lv. 90 and above
    • Can only be purchased once per week per character
  • 150x Seals of Bravery: +12 Flawless Enhancement Stone (Lv. 90 Weapon)
    • Allows you to enhance a weapon from +11 to +12 with a 100% success rate
    • Can only be used on weapons Lv. 90 and above
    • Can only be purchased once per week per character
  • 150x Seals of Bravery: +13 Restorative Enhancement Stone (Lv. 90 Weapon)
    • Allows you to enhance a weapon from +12 to +13 with a 100% success rate
    • The enhanced weapon will become Restored, and cannot be traded or enhanced further
    • Can only be used on weapons Lv. 90 and above
Improved Guild Campfire
Campfires are a classic way to get together with your friends and prepare for battle, but the benefits for doing so have been lacking for some time. With the Miri update, characters will be able to take advantage of a brand new Guild Campfire with some particularly potent bonuses...
  • New Item: Superior Guild Campfire Kit
    • Costs 65,000 Gold or 80 Seals of Dedication
  • Players that use the Superior Guild Campfire Kit create a Guild Campfire will gain the following buffs for one battle:
    • +100 ATT Limit Removal
    • +100 Additional Damage
    • +5 LUK
    • +1 Bonus Evil Core from bosses
  • Members of your party that sit down at your campfire can use the [Grab] key to open up a shop where they can purchase buffs that last for one battle:
    • 20,000 Gold: +100 ATT Limit Removal
    • 20,000 Gold: +100 Additional Damage
    • 30,000 Gold: +5 LUK
    • 50,000 Gold: +1 Bonus Evil Core from bosses
    • 65,000 Gold: All of the above
    • Individual buffs do not stack with the bundled buff
  • Superior Guild Campfire Buffs do not function in the following locations:
    • Royal Army Raids
    • Redeemers Raid
    • PvP Battles
    • Abyssal Arena
    • Ein Lacher Battles
    • Alban Festival
  • Guild Campfire Kit has been removed from shops and can no longer randomly be rewarded
    • Sale price has been increased to 1,000 Gold, a full refund of the regular purchase price
Winter is Here
The snowy wonderland has arrived to the town of Colhen, the grand city of Rocheste and even the tropical island of Malina! Enjoy the lovely snowfall and winter skies throughout the month of December!

Note: Berbhe does not have falling snow. Because it is underground. And that would be silly.

Beautiful Draker Sales

Miri's a mighty warrior, but where's the fun in turning an army of gnolls into charred husks if you can't look good while doing it? We're bringing back some classic outfitters, releasing a pair of packages perfect for new characters and giving everyone new hairstyles to enjoy.

Learn more in the Beautiful Draker Sales[] post.

Golden Miri Events


Vindictus' 12th character has arrived in the 12th month of the year, and it's time for a celebration! We're giving away items every weekend, throwing out huge bonuses all month long, putting on a race to 95 for all the new Miri's out there and more!

Learn more in the Beautiful Draker Sales[] post.

Bug Fixes and Additional Changes

  • Fixed an issue with intermittent crashing when entering battle
  • Fixed an issue where Dye Ampoule Extractor could be used on an empty Ampoule
  • Fixed an issue where the camera doesn't automatically zoom-out when it is zoomed in
  • Fixed an issue where player couldn't reconnect to battle
  • Return to Town delay adjusted for Dullahan Story cutscene
  • Fixed an issue of town's overlapping sounds during Story progress after battle
  • Removed the ability to dismantle Veteran weapons
  • Fixed an issue of intermittent crashing when creating an item
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't get out of a conversation with an NPC when participating in a Quick Battle Party in a building
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't proceed with the Inherent Unrest Story due to a full Storage Chest
  • Fixed an issue where players were forcibly moved to town before the results window was displayed after a battle
  • Fixed an issue where a party member wouldn't be moved to town when leaving a party as the party was moving to the town
  • Fixed an issue with 2nd Transformation skill's cooldown resetting when moving sectors
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't add Path skill upon leveling up even when the player meets the requirements
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't enter the battle in Practice Mode if they reached the limit for normal battle departures
  • Fixed an issue where the stage is not displayed when attempting Alban Festival for the first time
  • Fishing Boat can no longer be made while in a party
  • Fixed an issue where players would crash in Rocheste
  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck on the bench next to Colhen Dock Stall
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to leave the Inn if players use the Avatar Shop inside the Inn and return
  • Fixed an issue with pets continually teleporting when players sneak into the Hot Springs and leave immediately
  • Material Synthesis will now bind the item
  • Fixed an issue where skills would activate immediately after drinking a SP potion when the player had no SP
  • Fixed an issue where players didn't receive Charles Expedition Special Pouch
  • Fixed an issue where a Lack of Contribution Core Penalty was displayed during Charles Expedition
  • Fixed an issue where Party Revival was activated and could be used during Practice Mode
  • Fixed an issue where keys input did not register intermittently
  • Removed Exquisite Leather from the Lv 60 Mysterious Glass Bottle
  • Removed Core Penalty following the damage contribution in Traces of Battle
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't proceed to the next area due to enemies being in a location where they could not attack
  • Redeemers "Source" story can now be accessed even when Lechaud is not there
  • Improved auto aim option for targetting enemies when attacking
  • Fixed an issue with Cardante teleporting outside the map in A Clue battle
  • Changed the monster spawning location in Sector 2 of the Treasure Hunt battle due to difficulty hitting monsters
  • Changed pattern of God of Death in Ein Lacher
  • "Yikes!" story is automatically obtained depending on level
  • Health gained from the Succubus Fang Artifact is now capped at 5000 HP
  • Goddess Grace given upon character creation are now bound
  • Extraction Rune description updated to reflect the changes to the rune
  • Fixed an issue where text prompt asks the player to discard the item when adding it to an expanded slot already holding an item
  • Fixed an issue where the Enchant Scroll couldn't be searched for in the Inventory
  • Changed the default value to off for in-game use voice option
  • Fixed untradable items not being able to be retrieve from Guild Shared Storage, Shared Storage, and Mail
  • Fixed an issue where it looked as if the player sent a whisper to someone when the player receives a whisper during loading
  • Fixed an issue where the fail window doesn't launch at Stage 20 of Alban Festival Wall Master
  • Item preview colors are set as gray if it doesn't have a default color when selecting the item after opening a package
  • Added Marketplace Item Rare indicator
  • Fixed an issue where all the items in material search were marked as rare
  • Fixed a Marketplace issue so that funds are renewed after registering the item
  • Fixed a Marketplace issue with conflicting Enchant names
  • Fixed an issue with Marketplace auto-complete list not disappearing
  • Fixed an issue with Marketplace not opening if the player moved to the Avatar Shop while using the Marketplace and exits
  • Fixed an issue with Craftable checkbox not functioning in the Marketplace Craft tab
  • Commas are now automatically added when inputting gold amounts
  • Fixed a Marketplace issue where some Airtight items do not auto-complete
  • Players could now right-click to purchase items in the Marketplace
  • Players must now enter a quantity amount to complete a Marketplace purchase
  • Fixed an issue where the Dullahan Ghost was included in the Boss auto-targetting skill
  • Fixed an issue with the UI being locked upon attempting to join a full Quick Battle
  • Fixed an issue where when Multi-process was ran and closed, would cause the Party Leader pending window to remain stuck on screen
  • Changed Hot Springs Notification UI to list the higher remaining time of Bath Soap at the top
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate system message appearing when hitting both the core and boss monster with Full Force
  • Results window will now remain after the battle ends
  • Stats check has been removed in Quick Battle Practice Mode
  • Quick Battle window can no longer be opened while in Ceara's transformed state
  • Fixed an issue where looking up another player's character info during battle didn't display it properly
  • Fixed an issue where "The Battle UI is displayed during battles by pressing ALT" option getting selected again when departing for battle even though it's unchecked
  • Fixed an issue where the cutscene ending text remained in the God of Death and Gates of Hell maps
  • Fixed an issue where the fishing boat did not show up properly on the Battle UI
  • Fixed an issue where invitation can be accepted while party leader is loading
  • Inventory window will now close if opened upon returning to town from battle
  • Story Hints for Lechaud's absence are made more clear
  • Inventory NX Storage Chest now resets properly when logging in with another character
  • Fixed an issue where Rune is removed when Goibhniu Enhancement Stone is put in
  • Fixed an issue where the item name of Videk's Safeguard was covered by the button
  • Fixed an issue where the Help menu did not appear properly when first opened
  • Fixed the awkward appearance of expressions of other characters when they closed their eyes in town
  • Fixed an issue for weapon visibility during cutscenes
  • Altered the cutscene for Nightmare at the Ruins
  • Fixed an issue of being able to see Resonance's explosion effect even though it's set to "Self Only" in the Effects option
  • Fixed a rare occurrence where a player appears moving while maintaining a sitting pose
  • Back and Tail slots now display properly in the preview window
  • Fixed an issue where the male Sheriff's Hat didn't display properly
  • Fixed an issue with face not appearing properly when oil is applied
  • Fixed an issue where the ballistae activation points did not appear properly after molting in the Ancient Lakoria battle
  • Fixed an issue where Mana Tracer's cooldown was triggered when monsters engraved with Arisha's Mana Tracer were not visible due to abilities such as Teleport
  • Fixed an issue with Arisha's "Diffusion Warp" skill effect not appearing properly
  • Fixed an issue where the camera becomes fixed when players use Rage Conductor and get hit by a specific attack from Valus
  • Fixed an issue where expanded slots overlapped with Evie's Alchemy Box
  • Fixed an issue where objects wouldn't attach to the Golem summoned by Evie with alchemy
  • Fixed an issue with UI display Hurk Teide in Arena
  • Fixed a graphics issue with the Hurk's Renegade armor
  • Hurk's 21st Character Growth Goals changed from "Reach Greatsword Mastery Rank A" to "Reach Teide Mastery Rank F"
  • Fixed an issue where players could not use Gun Kai's Revolving skill after equipping active path skills in the Quick Slot 1, 2, 3
  • Fixed issue where weapon disappears when Sylas uses Extinction Roar
  • Fixed the icon for Lv 80 Twin Chainblades
  • Fixed an issue where Twin Swords Vella's Tumult Blade did not work properly
  • Fixed an issue with Twin Swords Vella's Cross Cut's abnormal motions
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