[DAILY BLOG] Update Round-Up! pt. 1

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VintageCreeper Aug 26 @ 2:20pm 
To much for me to handle... To much...
Lintton Aug 20 @ 6:33pm 
Got to say, this was a good idea.
Gaco Aug 20 @ 4:01pm 
is it possible to add steamworks for multiplayer ?
Eerie_Deary Aug 20 @ 10:02am 
yay okay so anyone else planning on creating a mote of somekind out ov varous liqiuds for thei base after the update?
envoy Aug 20 @ 7:33am 
yesss liquids. i will be taking days off when the update lands
starbug Aug 20 @ 7:19am 
I parrot the "Thanks for Posting Here" comment. It's appreciated!
evil Aug 20 @ 6:53am 
All of this is fine and good, but if you don't fix the framerate, it's an unplayable mess.
Dreizehn Aug 20 @ 6:35am 
You know what will be very awesome? To finally have an game update instad of nightly that doenst even work.
Rozzgy420 Aug 20 @ 6:33am 
HirOS Aug 20 @ 6:26am